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Let us help you make the right choice of accounting software. A good accounting system will help you keep track of your debtors and credits help with cash flow, keeps copies of the invoices and receipts and will let you complete GST returns easily and minimise the time that it takes to prepare financial reports and keep your financial records in order.

Choosing the right system for your business can be difficult. Here at Five Peaks Accounting we invest considerable resources into ongoing staff training to ensure we can recommend the best accounting solution for your business.

We will work with the best systems for your business, we always recommend using software that can get information directly from your bank which makes the system easier to use and accurate.

 Currently we use and support Xero which has great features which will allow you to do your accounting online, click on the logo below to see more detail.


Xero and Reckon One

We support Xero and Reckon One and can help you from a distance when you need it, they are both cloud based which means you login over the internet similar to internet banking.


Partnering with you

Five peaks works with you to improve your areas of concern

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Agreed Pricing

We provide standard plans so you have certainty of pricing and if needed this can be customised.


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