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From the 10th of June businesses can apply for the Wage Sudsidy extension.  The Criteria has changed from the initial 12 week one; Your Revenue for the last 30 days must be 50% lower than the same period last year ie 10th of May 2020 to 10th Jun 2020 compared ...
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What is it?

The Small Business Cashflow (Loan) Scheme (SBCS) has been introduced to support businesses and organisations struggling because of loss of actual or predicted revenue as a result of COVID-19. They must have 50 or fewer full-time-equivalent employees.Inland Revenue will admin...
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Currently, if more than 33% of the shareholding changes the losses of a company are forfeited, what is being proposed is that this is reduced or removed for equity changes. Here is an example provided; A start-up firm, Conference in the Clouds Limited (CIC) offers microphone...
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If your business was making a profit the in 2019/20 (2018/19) and now you are forecasting a loss in the 2020/21 (2019/20) year you can “move” some/all of that loss into the previous year and reduce the tax that you paid for this year and get it refunded. Here is an examp...
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